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E – 1407 – Horizontal Curve Safety Treatments

Intended Audience: Civil anf Traffic Engineers



    The purpose of this course is to encourage you to use this information to evaluate problems and implement appropriate treatments for problem curve locations. These treatments should help reduce roadway departure crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

    This course summarizes practical information on where, when, or how to apply safety treatments for horizontal curves or winding sections. These treatments are relatively low cost versus geometric design improvements (degree of curve, shoulders, superelevation, curve length, cross-section, etc.). Information for each treatment generally included description, application guidelines, design elements and materials, effectiveness, and cost.
    Estimates for treatment effectiveness in reducing crashes were included if available. Actual observed effectiveness values of a treatment can vary depending on its location.

    Some of the traffic control devices or treatments presented in this course may be considered to be “experimental” and not comply with the MUTCD.
    Basic Treatments – Devices found in the MUTCD

    • Centerline markings
    • Edge lines
    • Horizontal alignment signs
    • Advisory Speed Plaque
    • One-Direction Large Arrow Sign
    • Combination Horizontal Alignment/Advisory Speed Sign
    • Curve Speed Sign
    • Chevrons
    • Delineators

    Enhanced Basic Treatments – Treatments considered to be enhancements to basic devices

    • Larger devices
    • Retroreflective and fluorescent sheeting
    • Flashing beacons
    • Profile thermoplastic markings
    • Raised Pavement Markers

    Other Traffic Control Device Treatments – Treatments not in the MUTCD which are used by State and local agencies

    • Reflective barrier delineation
    • Roadside object delineation
    • Dynamic Curve Warning System
    • Speed Limit Advisory Marking

    Rumble Strips – Overview of applications

    • Centerline
    • Shoulder
    • Roadway

    Minor Roadway Improvements – Low-cost treatments requiring minor roadway or shoulder improvements

    • Paved Shoulder Treatment
    • Shoulder drop-off elimination
    • Widen shoulder
    • Skid-resistive pavement surface

    Innovative and Experimental Treatments – New treatments that have not been applied extensively

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