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  • Course No E – 1328
  • PDH Units 3.00

Course No E - 1328
PDH Units 3.00

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  • Course No E – 1328
  • PDH Units 3.00

Course No E - 1328
PDH Units 3.00

Intended Audience: mechanical engineers, civil engineers, other design and construction professionals


This course describes and quantifies whenever possible the air pollution particulate emissions which are the direct result of the incineration process. The incineration process consists of burning solid, semisolid, liquid, or gaseous waste to produce carbon dioxide, water, and ash. It is an efficient means of reducing waste volume. The solid, incombustible residue of incineration is inert, sanitary, and sensibly odorless. Course Outline 1. INCINERATOR EMISSIONS 2. STACK EMISSION REGULATIONS AND THE PERMITTING PROCESS 3. MEASURING TECHNIQUES This course will give you an introduction to waste incinerators and their permitting requirements under federal law.

Learning Objectives

At the successful conclusion of this course, you’ll be able to identify and discuss:
  • Learn about the types of incinerator waste material;
  • Learn about emission factors for refuse incinerators without controls;
  • Learn about waste classifications;
  • Learn the ultimate analysis of a typical general solid waste;
  • Learn the functions of incinerators;
  • Learn about the requirements of the federal Clean Air Act;
  • Learn the function and applications of rotary kiln incinerators;
  • Learn the fundamental of particulate emission estimating;
  • Learn the emission factors for sewage sludge incinerators;
  • Learn about stack emission regulations and the permitting process; and
  • learn about the permitting process in federally designated attainment and nonattainment areas.

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