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E – 1889 Steel Bridges – Bearing Design

Intended Audience: Civil, Structure, and Mechanical Engineers



    A bridge bearing is a component of a bridge which typically provides a resting surface between the bridge piers and the bridge decking. The bearing allows for movement control, and thus reduces the stresses occurring within the bridge structure.

    Possible sources of movement within the bridge structure are: thermal expansion and contraction, creep, shrinkage, or fatigue due to the properties of the materials used for the bearing. External sources of movement include the settlement of the ground below, thermal expansion, and seismic activity.

    This course provides practical information for efficient bearing design and detailing. Steel bridge bearings may be divided into three general types: elastomeric bearings, high-load multi-rotational bearings, and mechanical bearings. This course provides guidance in aiding the designer to determine which bearing type is best suited to cost effectively accommodate the design requirements.

    Learning Objectives:

    At the successful conclusion of this course, you will learn the following knowledge and skills:

    • Introduction to Bridge Bearings
    • Types of Bridge Bearings
    • Elastomeric Bearings (Plain Pads, Steel Reinforced, Cotton Duck, HLMR)
    • Pot, Disc, Spherical, Mechanical Bearings
    • Bearing Design Requirements
    • Loads, Rotation and Translation
    • Bearing Style Selection Guidelines
    • Design, Fabrication and Testing Limitations
    • Anchorage to Structure
    • Sole Plates, Masonry Plates and Anchor Rods
    • Lateral and Uplift Restraint
    • Inspections and Maintenance

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