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E – 1773 Prototypes and the art of Reproduction

Intended Audience: civil, design, construction engineers, and architects



    In the practice of architectural design, there exists a peculiar niche or genre of work. It lies in the creation and reuse of prototypical plans for clients who need to duplicate their basic facilities elsewhere. To those observing from afar, the work seems mundane and unsatisfying. It is not the stuff from which awards or peer recognition arises. For those involved in the niche, is can make for very long and satisfying working relationships and a recognition of worth by clients, to who’s success the designer directly contributes.

    In this course, we will examine the pros and cons of prototype creation. We will do so from the standpoint of the team of professionals involved in their creation, from the professionals most often involved at individual project locations and from the viewpoint of the building owner. Most often, that will be a company involved in the creation and expansion of franchises.

    In doing so, we will discuss the power of duplication.

    Learning Objectives

    At the conclusion of this course, you’ll be able to identify and discuss:

    • An understanding of the historic use of prototypical plans used to duplicate facilities in multiple locations and building types
    • An overview of the advantages afforded to a design firm by becoming involved in the creation of plans for prototypes
    • Advantages offered to developing businesses called franchises, by using one design team to create prototypical facility plans
    • How to integrate local professionals into the efforts of the prototype design team, in each project location.

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