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New York Engineers


This was an interesting and well done course. Professor Messenger presented it very well.

A lot of online courses are really a bit of fluff. This one definitely is not one of them.

I really enjoyed it and broadened my knowledge along the way.

Dan W. P.E.

California Engineers

Another great webinar from Professor Astaneh

This is the second recent webinar I’ve taken from this professor and it was very good. I would strongly recommend this course to anybody looking for an interesting and for the most part inexpensive way to earn ethics PDH credits. There may be cheaper options out there if you’re just going through the motions and doing the very least amount of work possible. However, if you want to learn about actual events that were shaped negatively by unethical engineering behavior AND do it an interesting, entertaining, and educational way then THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT. I will be watching for and then enrolling in any future webinars offered from this professor.

Michael L. P.E.

Pennsylvania Professional Engineers

Ethics Course

Great class and an interesting and more fun approach to learn about real life conflicts of interest and ethics violations. Highly recommend.

Mary T. P.E.

Ohio Professional Engineers

Course Evaluation

The course was well presented and I found the content useful
I have been involved in much of the material over the years in numerous jurisdictions
I am very pleased with the courses that I have taken to date from PDH Source

Patti S. P.E.

New Jersey Engineers

Webinar Feedback

This was an interesting topic that was presented in a well-organized and logical manner. The presenter was clear and the narrative he weaved was easy to follow despite the complexity and number of parties involved in the incident.

Erwin A. P.E.

Texas Professional Engineers

Most Excellent Webinar

Professor Astaneh-Asl was able to boil it down to two action filled hours for our benefit. This webinar should be a requirement for continuing education for all of us engineers. I obviously highly recommend this webinar.

James F. P.E.

A Fast 2 Hours

I have over the years been to many coursed this was one of the best I have sat through

David A. P.E.

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