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E – 2015 Substation Fire Damage


Substations are arguably the most important land with critical electric equipment, such as power transformers, instrument transformers, breakers, capacitors, shunt reactors, switches, SCADA, and relays.

Generation switchyards, transmission substations, and distribution substations represent the pillars of civilization; not many would argue that everyday life would not be impeded if suddenly faced with a lack of electricity.

Substations are expected to play a major role in the expected widespread impact of renewable energy. Substations and their associated grids are affected by storms, fires, and other disasters. There have been measures implemented to prevent/minimize damage and ensure grid reliability. We will cover these damage prevention methods, as well as various substation bus designs and transformer failure scenarios.

The audience will learn the following:

  • How important substations are
  • Different types of substations
  • Important substation functions
  • The dangers of fire damage to substations and substation grids, and methods to prevent them
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) storm impact
  • Grid impact as a result of fires, storms, earthquakes, volcanos, substation shootings, etc.
  • Resiliency improvements.
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