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E – 1864 Steam System Basics and Energy Efficiency


Steam is in heavy demand in industries requiring heating processes, and it is typically an energy-intensive process to generate it. Optimizing the steam distribution system can focus on many different areas and the boiler plant is just a step in the process but not the whole process. Every part of the steam system including steam distribution and the end-use process should perform at the highest efficiency to keep the operating costs to the minimum. The savings potential is enormous: not only from a fiscal standpoint but also from an environmental standpoint.

This course will review the basics of steam systems and provides a comprehensive technical overview of energy efficiency measures in steam generation, distribution, and use. The course has been developed to benefit decision-makers, process engineers, energy managers, procurement staff, operators, maintenance staff, and all the industry professionals involved in the design and operation of steam systems. It is not intended to be a thorough technical guide. References for more detailed technical information is provided.

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