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E – 1831 Green Buildings HVAC – Energy Saving Tips (PART 1)


Buildings as they are designed and used today, symbolize unrestrained consumption of energy and other natural resources with its consequent negative environmental impact. According to the Department of Energy, in 2005, commercial buildings accounted for 35 percent of total electricity consumption. Roughly 40-50% of the total electricity consumption is accounted for by HVAC systems, followed by lighting systems (20%). Other loads (pumps, equipment etc.) contribute to the balance of 20- 30%. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the energy savings potential in commercial buildings is more than 35 percent by adopting proper design and energy-efficient upgrades.

Green HVAC design means improving a facility’s indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy consumption as much as possible. Like many other appliances, the cost of your indoor comfort system includes not only its initial price, but also the ongoing costs of operation and maintenance. This means that the cooling and heating equipment and controls that you select today will continue to impact your finances for as long as you occupy the building. That’s why investing in a high efficiency comfort system and maintaining your comfort system makes sense.

This 5-hour course discusses some of the proven energy efficiency HVAC concepts for new building projects. The course focuses on the design of energy efficient building architecture, building construction materials, HVAC equipment design considerations, energy, refrigerants, construction practices, indoor environment quality and commissioning practices. Design engineers, consulting engineers, architects, realtors, building owners, facility managers, interior designers, landscape architects, construction managers, and educators will benefit from this course.

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