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E – 1823 Fluid Power (Part 3) – Hydraulic Components


Fluid systems involve the use of fluids to transmit and multiply force. The basic hydraulic unit for this purpose makes use of various hydraulic components such as reservoirs, actuators, filters and accumulators. It also involves the use of diverse types of controls including pressure control and valves, flow control, directional control and solenoids.

In this 6-hr course, the reader will be introduced to five chapter’s covering—- the theory, concepts and modes of operation of hydraulic components and provides an understanding of how common hydraulic components function and interact with each other.

This course material is based entirely on the NAVEDTRA NONRESIDENT TRAINING COURSE 14105 titled “Fluid Power”. In part -III, the reader will be introduced to chapters 8 thru 12.

Chapter -8: Measurement and pressure control devices

Chapter -9: Reservoirs, strainers, filters, and accumulators

Chapter -10: Actuators

Chapter -11: Pneumatics

Chapter -12: Basic diagrams and systems

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