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E – 1821 Fluid Power (Part 1) –Hydraulic Principles


Most modern machinery today uses fluid power principles to do work so as to make our lives easier. Think about your car’s brakes and how, by stepping on the brake pedal, you apply stopping pressure on the brakes on all four wheels. The ease with which we drive and steer our cars today is because of fluid power. You see fluid power at automobile service centers lifting the cars so that mechanics can work underneath them, and many elevators are hydraulically-operated using the same technique. There are numerous such applications that rely on fluid power that are obviously very adaptable, but how do they actually work?

This 4-hr course provides an understanding of basic hydraulics principles and presents an overview of the fluid power system, and introduces both Pascal’s Law and Bernoulli’s Principle. This course material is based entirely on the NAVEDTRA NONRESIDENT TRAINING COURSE 14105 titled “Fluid Power” wherein, the reader will be introduced to three chapters’ —-

Chapter -1: Introduction to Fluid Power

Chapter -2: Forces in Liquid

Chapter -3: Hydraulic Fluids

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