E – 1198 Single Degree of Freedom Vibrations


Vibration is an every day fact of life, and from an engineering perspective, it usually represents either
difficulties (fatigue, noise, bearing problems) or capability (music, cleaning, drilling, compaction). It
is very often important for engineers to be able to describe vibration, to predict vibratory response, and
to understand options for controlling vibration. This course focuses on two aspects of the problem: (1)
modeling physical systems in such a way that they can be described as single degree of freedom
oscillators, and (2) the simplest approach to the mathematical analysis of such systems.

This course is directed primarily to mechanical, aerospace, controls, noise control, and test engineers.
It is suited for any engineer who wants a basic mathematical understanding of vibrations.

The course is based on an 80-page set of notes developed specifically for this course by the instructor.

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