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PE Renewal Info

PE Renewal Info - PDH Source

PE Renewal Info to Maintain Your License

Guide to Engineering Continuing Education by State

What are the NCEES guidelines to renew your Professional Engineer license in all 50 states? Which states approve continuing education providers? And…what’s the most up-to-date PE renewal info to maintain your license?

While engineers are required to complete continuing education courses in order to maintain their license in more than 30 states, few state boards approve continuing education providers. Other than the states of New York, North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, Indiana and New Jersey, there currently isn’t a program in place to pre approve continuing education providers or courses for states across the U.S.

PE Renewal Info for all 50 states across the U.S.

General NCEES Guidelines and PE Renewal Info

Continuing education activities offering PDH credits are typically accepted if:

A course or activity whose purpose and objective are clear with a content that will maintain, improve or expand the skills and knowledge of the licensee’s field of practice”. Additionally, many states require that the course consist of “technical, ethical or managerial content relevant to the practice of engineering”.

Online engineering courses are accepted for PDH credit by all states that require continuing education activities if they meet a certain state’s requirements. PDH Source recommends that you review the specific PE renewal info and requirements of the states in which you’re registered to determine whether a continuing education course or webinar meets state board guidelines.

Ensure Your PDH Credit Can Be Independently Verified

While you’re typically responsible for maintaining records of all the engineering continuing education activities in case they’re requested by a state board, completion of online courses must also be independently verified to be accepted for credit. To verify that you’ve successfully completed an online course, you must pass a graded quiz and your course provider must keep a Certificate of Completion on file for a certain length of time depending on the specific state board’s requirements.

Determining the Best Provider of PDHs

How can you determine the best provider of engineering courses and webinars to stay on top of the latest trends and earn the PDHs you need to renew your PE license? As a best practice, ensure you thoroughly understand all of the PE renewal info for your state(s) and that your continuing education provider is state-board approved and can independently verify your PDHs.

Not only is PDH Source an approved provider of continuing education activities in all states that approve providers, but our courses and webinars have been accepted for PDH credit by all the state boards that don’t pre-approve course providers. And as a customer-centric business that aims to swim against the current of industry trends, we guarantee a full refund if the PDH credits you earn from PDH Source are rejected by your state board for any reason.

Upon passing a course quiz or viewing a Live & Interactive webinar from PDH Source, you’ll find a copy of your Certificate of Completion in your Profile page.  We’ll keep a record of your Certificate of Completion for 7 years, which meets (or exceeds) the requirements outlined by all state boards that require engineers to engage in continuing education.

Our courses are now timed and thus accepted by states that require “timed” courses. Our live webinars also meet the “Live & Interactive” requirements in all states that require continuing education for engineers.

States Requiring Continuing Education for Engineers

Below is a list of U.S. states that require continuing education to renew a Professional Engineer license.  Please click on each state for details. More information can be found on each state’s website.

Maintain your PE License. Start earning PDHs today:

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PDH Source engineering courses & live webinars meet NCEES Guidelines for Professional Engineer licenses renewal in all 50 states.

PDH Source will refund your money if the PDH credits you earn are rejected by your state board for any reason.

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