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  • Course No E – 1134
  • PDH Units 4.00

Course No E - 1134
PDH Units 4.00

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  • Course No E – 1134
  • PDH Units 4.00

Course No E - 1134
PDH Units 4.00

Intended Audience: Plant Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Technicians, Facilities Managers


Actionable Maintenance Engineering Tactics

It's no surprise that maintenance engineering efficiency (and cost-effectiveness) is directly proportional to maintenance planning. Yet a large proportion of manufacturing facilities and process plants don’t have adequate Work Order Systems in place for preventive maintenance inspections or predictive maintenance programs. Oftentimes, this leads to unplanned maintenance and high repair costs that take a toll on a facility's annual maintenance budget. So how can you develop an effective Maintenance Work Order System for the scheduling and implementation of preventive and predictive maintenance? Delve into this online PDH course exploring actionable maintenance engineering, system analysis and performance management strategies to reduce the cost of facilities management and enhance operating efficiency.

Course Overview

This course kicks off by walking through common maintenance engineering statistics and facilities management recommendations for maintenance organizations before jumping into examples of computer-based Work Order Systems. We'll then detail maintenance personnel leadership and the specific skills needed to optimize maintenance engineering. Next, we'll cover the role of maintenance engineering in spare parts inventory before diving into the best practices for mechanical, electrical and controls preventive and predictive maintenance procedures within a maintenance organization. Within this discussion, we'll outline considerations for maintenance training, support and safety. We'll then define Motor Repair vs. Replace Decisions as well as delineate proven action plans for cost reduction and energy conservation.

Course Highlights

For those experienced in industrial and commercial technologies and facilities management, this comprehensive online engineering course provides an opportunity to refresh and expand your insight and practical understanding of:
  • “Repair vs. replace” decisions on capital intensive plant equipment.
  • Real, yet obscure costs of energy.
  • Preventive maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Vibration testing and predictive maintenance.
  • Increasing MTBF (i.e. times between failures on HVAC and other plant equipment).
  • Maintenance troubleshooting and problem solving.
  • Financial justification and implementation of plant projects.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you’ll be able to identify and discuss the following:
  • The Foundation of Maintenance Engineering and Management
  • Fundamentals of Electricity. Electrical and Control Systems
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, and Cost Savings Opportunities
  • Mechanical, Electric and Controls Energy Management and Conservation
  • Safety in Industrial Environment
  • Plant Project Engineering and Management
  • Economic Justification of Capital Projects

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