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[Live Webinar] Essentials of Photovoltaic System Design

Intended Audience: Electrical Engineers
Credits: 2 PDH Units
When: Wednesday 10/27. 2 – 4 pm EST


This 2-hour presentation is based on the experiences of the author in PV design over the past 20 years.  It covers selection of a system from stand-alone or grid-connected options and straight grid-connect or battery backup grid-connect options.  Once the system has been selected, it covers structural design considerations and calculations, electrical design considerations and calculations and estimating system performance.


  1. Messenger & Abtahi, Photovoltaic Systems Engineering, 4th Edition, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL  2017.
  2. NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, 2020 Edition
  3. ASCE 7-10, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures 

Date:  Wednesday. October 27. Starts: 2 – 4 pm ET
Credits: 2 PDH Units

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student should understand the terminology and the economic, environmental and possible emergency or standby power availability benefits associated with design and installation of a PV system.  Specific topics discussed are

  • How much energy is available from the sun in various locations.
  • How to decide what kind of system is best for a particular application.
  • Grid-connected system design details and options.
  • Equipment selection criteria.
  • Electrical and structural properties of PV modules,
  • Laying out a system on a roof or on the ground.
  • Wind load analysis of system.
  • Annual system performance analysis based upon location, tilt and orientation.
  • Array mounting methods – advantages and disadvantages.
  • Electrical design details.

Special Webinar Instructions

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Course Reviews


25 ratings
  • 5 stars9
  • 4 stars13
  • 3 stars0
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars3
  1. Worthwhile Course in PV Design.


    Very good overview course in PV design. Original posted slides were a little dated. Downloaded the posted updated slides the next day which helped greatly

  2. Essentials of Photovoltaic Systems Design


    The instructor is very knowledgeable and gets right to the key design elements. I feel more informed now about PV systems, and have a good vector if I ever design one of these. The wind loading was outstanding, and the software reference is very appreciated. Although the slides didn’t line up, they will be corrected and published. Not a big deal.

  3. 4

    Good introduction to this subject. Covers various aspects siting considerations, types of systems and electrical and structural design.

  4. 1

    The class was poor. The slides downloaded did not agree with the presentation, the presenter had a horrible squeaky chair, the presenter’s phone rang multiple times, and the course title was misleading.

  5. [Live Webinar] Essentials of Photovoltaic System Design


    Although it was obvious the Professor was very knowledgeable, it was the worse CE course I’ve ever taken:
    1- The professor was speaking from a distracting “work zone”.
    2- The professor was coughing constantly, i assume caused by #1.
    3- The professor was rushed at the end.
    4- The initial downloadable handout (IDH) did not match the handout the professor was speaking from.
    5- the Quiz had questions not covered in the presentation or either handout (and some from only the IDH).
    6- what is an acceptable score….it kept telling me to retake the quiz, even when my score was 10/10?
    7 – I spent way more than the 2 hours of CE that was granted.
    8- I would respectfully like a refund.

  6. 4

    You need to revise the test to correspond to the current course briefing slides.

    Otherwise, I learned a lot and enjoyed the instructor and the course.


  7. Disappointed - but honest review


    Unfortunately material presented did not align with material distributed. Some quiz questions were not discussed or presented in either. The material organization and grouping in sections could have been better. The material could have been presented in a more concise manner. Perhaps too many topics were included in this 2-hour class. I left the class having learned little to nothing. Disappointed.

  8. WBNR-1140 Essentials of Photovoltaic System Design


    Good overview of photovoltaic system design



    Great webinar that covers everything you needed to know about designing a PV system.

  10. Essentials of Photovoltaic System Design


    Interesting, timely information provided. Professor Messenger is knowledgeable and attuned to his audience. It would be helpful if the slides were numbered and if sources were referenced at the end of the slides. But otherwise it was a well-executed training.

  11. Essentials of Photovoltaic System Design


    Excellent basic course

  12. WBNR 1140


    Very good information. Professor was very proactive with questions.

  13. Good Preview


    Currently proposed 200MW PV array proposed locally, so it was great to get a background on what is being planned for my neighborhood.

  14. 4

    pretty good. had to remember some of this stuff.

  15. Excellent Overview


    Well I have never been involved with PV design, and probably never will be involved, this was a great overview of the design concerns when installing a system. I have a neighbor with a system. He just bought a very expensive battery storage system for his PV system. I will now be able to talk to him about his system.

  16. Essentials of Photovoltaic System Design


    Great overview of photovoltaic systems, options, and the design process and elements required to design a functioning system. Very good course! Liked the photos of various installed systems, the system diagrams and tables, as well as the design sample calculations. I will be signing up for more solar design webinars!

  17. Good Basic Course


    Started with a few technical issues but overall covered the basics very well.

  18. Essentials of Photovoltaic Systems Design


    Enjoyed the course. I obviously did not take enough notes to supplement the provided information in the presentation. It started a little slow but picked up. Good value, I will consider additional classes.

  19. Essentials of Photovoltaic System Design


    Great overall, a little tough with the equations as there was not a lot of time to discuss but having the slides will allow to go back and review. A little distracting with the background noise with wife answering phone.

  20. 4

    Content was great, would have liked to learn more about batteries, battery sizing, etc.

  21. 4

    A bit of technical issues, but otherwise a good starter course.

  22. Essentials of Photovoltaic Systems Design


    As a mechanical engineer involved in the design and implementation of a 5 MW solar electricity generation facility to be located on a disused landfill this course has given great insight into some of the mounting requirements for the panels and an understanding of how the solar arrays are connected electrically

  23. Intro to the Basics


    Lots of information to cover in a short period of time. Good introduction to the basics

  24. photo voltaic des


    Thanks – great info and refresher.

  25. Excellent Intro


    As a civil engineer in the solar industry this seminar helped me understand what the electrical engineers do in my company. Easy to follow with good, real engineering calcs.

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