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[Live Webinar] Climate Change: Facts and Solutions; An Ethical Challenge For Engineers and Architects

Intended Audience: All Engineers
Credits: 2 PDH Units
When: Wednesday 10/19. 2 – 4 pm ET


The overall purpose of this webinar is to introduce engineers and architects to the challenges to the climate change problem best suited for solution by architects and engineers.  It focuses on the origins of present greenhouse gas emissions and how to cost-effectively replace these sources with clean sources.

After a short introduction to some of the lesser-known results of global climate change, along with a summary of the Earth’s sophisticated heat balancing system, solution scenarios are developed and analyzed to show what can be achieved by 2030 as well as an analysis of the projected economic impact of NOT going green.  Private sector as well as government actions needed are discussed.

Specific actions discussed include transportation electrification, the role of energy storage, zero energy buildings, trade-offs between efficiency and renewable generation and simulation of energy production and use.

Date:  Wednesday. October 19. 2022.  Starts: 2 – 4 pm ET

Credits: 2 PDH Units

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student should understand:

  • What’s going on out there?
  • How serious is it?
  • What are the scientific facts?
  • Can anything be done about it?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Examples of Cost-effective, Greener buildings as part of the solution.
  • Examples of Cost-effective, Greener transportation as part of the solution.
  • Examples of Greener government as part of the solution.
  • Examples of Greener ethics as part of the solution.

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Course Reviews


25 ratings
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  1. Climat Change Fact & Fiction


    I rate the course as neutral. This was advertised as a climate change ethics webinar – ethics was not really mentioned until the second to last slide. A little more introduction at the beginning to tie what was going to be covered and how it related to ethics would have helped. Also presented got too much into the weeds for what I was expecting.

  2. Ethics of Climate Change, Facts and Solutions


    Difficult subject to cover in two hours but Professor Messenger hit all of the main points well. If possible I would like to also see costs and impacts of raw materials processing, waste disposal and recycling and overall lifetime costs for conventional systems vs renewables. Thank you for hosting these important subjects.

  3. Global Warming


    Excellent course delivered in a very expert fashion.

  4. Overly emotional appeal


    Having personally studied the issues of climate and energy security for over a decade, the need to undertake an orderly transition to green energy is apparent. However, this is primarily driven by the non-sustainability of affordable fossil carbon fuels and the lack of a tested hypothesis establishing the persistent safety of substantially elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The latter issue is not the same as anthropogenic climate change. The Earth’s climate is constantly changing for natural reasons even when anthropogenic causes were absent. Clarity on this particular area of discussion is one area where the presentation would benefit. Another area of refinement is what IMO are simplistic assumptions regarding storage, grid stability, peak demands, and cross-grid power transfer especially during times of severe weather such as happened in Texas last February. Also, roof-top solar is, in my opinion, a particular niche renewable application that should be carefully caveated when also discussing national green energy “solutions”. The end goal of this green transformation is to move the world in an orderly way to a green energy infrastructure that provides a very high level of reliability in nearly all weather conditions while providing everyone with abundant supplies per person to live a comfortable middle-class standard of living. This is a challenging macro-engineering goal to achieve.



    Great presentation to summarize climate change and ways it can be reduced through renewable energy sources. As some progress has been made so far, a lot more needs to be done and now is the time.
    Renewable energy solutions are much more affordable than ever before. Is seems obvious our country needs to make the ethical decision to commit to increase efforts in reducing climate change by investing in clean energy and put in place aggressive actions for reduction of emissions.

  6. Climate Change - Facts & Solutions Course Review


    Great primer on the the problem of climate change, it’s challenges, and potential solutions. Provided interesting and quantitative examples of real-world applications and lots of great facts and figures. The instructor demonstrated proficiency and experience with all of the course material. As a long-time energy performance contracting engineer, I felt this webinar provided strong positive reinforcement for careful consideration of renewable technologies as potential alternatives to conventional technologies when considering sustainable energy solutions for our clients.

  7. [Live Webinar] Climate Change: Facts and Solutions; An Ethical Challenge For Engineers and Architects


    Interesting information especially regarding household and vehicle equipment.



    This is an extraordinarily informative, eye-opening presentation. The course material is very well-presented and very clear. Dr. Messenger’s knowledge about the benefits of modifying the US’s consumption of energy produced by fossil fuels is remarkable. Dr. Messenger’s enthusiasm for the subject is palpable. I highly recommend the continuing ed course.


  9. Climate Change: Facts and Solutions; An Ethical Challenge for Engineers and Architects


    Good overview of global warming, and ways to address it.

  10. Ethichs Climate Change


    Excellent Course.

    Lets Fix It



    Great presentation and very knowledgeable instructor.

  12. Climate Change


    Good review of basics – too much emphasis on solar – no mention of geothermal – cost of infrastructure changes not addressed. Seemed to be pretty much directed at individuals. We all need to buy electric vehicles, but who buys the charging units for all the public places, rest areas (xpressways), etc.?

  13. Nice Mix of Global Issues and Engineering Analysis and Applications


    The information provided in this webinar would be quite helpful in overcoming objections to the investment of government funds and changing consumer attitudes on green projects which likely would more than pay for themselves in addition to addressing climate change.

  14. Thank you for the review


    Good review. I think I would drop the Doom and Gloom. I feel that this part is extrapolation of what we think will happen. We will survive. We always do.

    The main focus is the cost. Green is reducing energy costs in the long run. We need to focus on the long term returns. Long term returns are always the best returns. Short term returns are like a flash in the pan. They look impressive at first, but not much happens.

  15. 5

    Great presentation and very knowledgeable instructor

  16. 4

    Well done and shows the need for action and how it will actually cost less than doing nothing.

  17. Climate Change


    With my background in solar energy was a good review of current progress in dealing with current crisis

  18. Climate Change Webinar - Technology Failed


    I downloaded the slides which look very well done. Unfortunately, we suffered technology failures at the start and shortly into the presentation. They will try again another time. The presenter needs to be better organized or something.

  19. Climate Change: Facts and Solutions; An Ethical Challenge For Engineers and Architects


    The course was interesting. More emphasis should be placed energy efficiency methods in building / industrial design. Less emphasis on the hysteria of climate change. I was waiting for Greta Thunberg to make a statement.

  20. Climate Change: Facts and Solutions


    The presentation was very detailed and easily to follow. Thank you.

  21. Educational Material


    I appreciated this opportunity to get a better realization of the causes and impacts of Climate Change. In this period of the Covid-19 Pandemic, acquiring qualifying Professional Development Hours (PDHs) to meet licensure requirements for my Professional Engineer’s license is challenging. Thanks for providing this service.

  22. 4

    Excellent webinar overall – – a few errors with the quiz. Quick overview of Professor Messenger’s background would have been helpful.

  23. Climate Change: Facts and Solutions: An Ethical Challenge for Engineers and Architects


    Instructor was very knowledgeable, but makes several assumptions that are glossed over when the proposed solutions are offered. While part of the solution is replacing fossil fuel-fired plants with renewable energy, and switching to all electric vehicles, the solution fails to acknowledge the additional energy generation needed to power 500 million EV’s. This would also require even more renewals.

  24. 5

    Great presentation on climate change and its impacts.

  25. 5

    An excellent course. I learned a lot

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