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[Live Webinar] Battery Backup PV Systems: Design and Operation

Intended Audience: All Engineers
Credits: 2 PDH Units
When: Wednesday 5/19. 2 – 4 pm ET


This 2-hour interactive presentation covers all design and operation considerations of DC-Coupled, and AC-Coupled grid-interactive battery-backup PV systems.  It has been developed as a follow-up to designing straight grid-connected PV system (no battery backup).


Messenger & Abtahi, Photovoltaic Systems Engineering, 4th Edition, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL  2017.  Component data sheets.

Date:  Wednesday. May 19. Starts: 2 – 4 pm ET
Credits: 2 PDH Units

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Webinar, Participants should understand the design process for the two most popular configurations for battery-backup, grid-connected Photovoltaic Systems.  The Webinar includes how to select all system components and integrate them into a system with desired performance, regardless of whether grid power is available to the system.  Systems to be designed include:

  • A 120/240 V system built around a set of designated standby loads. The design will include selection of desired standby loads, inverter, batteries, options for sizing the PV array, PV module selection and wiring, temperature correction, all wire and overcurrent protection sizing and voltage drop calculations and other National Electrical Code requirements..  Array mounting and wind load calculations will also be presented.  Finally, system operation setpoints will be discussed.
  • The second system discussed will take an alternate approach to determining all the parameters covered in the first design. This system will start with the selection of an array to fit on a roof and then proceed to determine a possible set of standby loads that can be operated by the array and remaining system components.
  • The next design example will be an AC-Coupled system based upon converting an existing straight grid-connected system with no battery backup to a battery backup system while retaining the original PV array and inverter. A 3-phase AC-Coupled system will also be presented.
  • Power Walls and other new systems will also be presented along with a vision of likely future developments in PV systems that incorporate energy storage.

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Course Reviews


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  1. Battery Backup PV Systems: Design and Operation


    Prof Messenger did a great job in covering the basics (and details) in the various AC/DC BB PV systems.

  2. Knowledgeable Presenter


    Dr. Messenger obviously knows the material and has a lot of practical experience. Two hours is not enough time to teach all the material effectively, and I think the material could have been organized better. For example, the first slide is all about the inverters, before any discussion of the overall system design. I had to go back over the slides multiple times to get a grasp of the information. At least I know what questions to ask a PV design engineer.



    This webinar had a lot of helpful information. The instructor has a lot of valuable experience and clearly works to keep current in a dynamic industry. I am glad I took it.

  4. Battery Backup PV Systems Design and Operation


    Even for a retired electrical engineer (moi), the course felt quite rushed, particularly in re capacity/duration calculations. I was 30+ years in power generation but am relatively new to solar. Probably could add an hour to the course length and not run short of material.

  5. Battery Back Up System


    Good course. It would help to have more time to explain some of the technical terms that the non-electrical engineers may not be so familiar with

  6. Battery Backup PV Sys.


    Great Tech. info. Received excellent understanding of the systems now available and their operation.

  7. Great course!


    This course instructor take you through the entire design process of sizing and selecting the components of photovoltaic system with battery backup. It covers all aspects down to the details of selecting wire sizes for each of the system wire runs. If you want a hands on design class, this is the one.

  8. Battery Backup PV Systems: Design and Operation


    Detailed and challenging course. Good technical content.

  9. Battery Backup PV Systems


    This was an interesting and well done course. Professor Messenger presented it very well. A lot of online courses are really a bit of fluff. This one definitely is not one of them. I really enjoyed it and broadened my knowledge along the way.

  10. Battery backup


    Good class, but super technical for non EE’s. Actually had a difficult time with the quiz (I’m a structural PE).

  11. Should be at least 3~4-hr course


    This should really be a 3-4 hours course

  12. Battery Backup PV Systems - Design & Operation


    I really enjoyed this course, because I have a rural property that I want to equip with a Back-up power source. I have already looked into a Propane-powered generator system, and the installation quote was $13,000. I was certain that there had to be a better way, and I believe that this course is that better way. I am looking forward to designing my own PV system, based upon what I have learned in this course today. I am a Civil/Structural Engineer and really enjoyed this course.

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  • PDH Units: 2

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