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E – 1836 Wood – Adhesive Bond Formation and Performance

Intended Audience: All Engineers.



    Adhesive bonding of wood is critical to the forest products industry and is a key factor for efficiently and sustainably utilizing timber resources. The ability to assemble larger products out of smaller pieces or particles directly affects the efficiency of wood products. The main use of adhesives is in the manufacture of building materials, including plywood, OSB, particleboard, fiberboard, structural composite lumber, doors, windows and frames, and factory-laminated wood products. They are also used in the assembly of furniture and cabinets, manufacture of engineered wood products, and construction of residential and commercial structures.

    Adhesives transfer and distribute loads between components, thereby increasing the strength and stiffness of wood products. Mechanical and chemical factors affect the adhesion and ultimately the strength of wood joints.

    The ability to assemble larger products out of smaller pieces or particles directly affects the efficiency of wood product use. Assembly relies directly on adhesives and bonding. This course introduces the basic concepts of wood bonding and adhesives, including known best practices and chemical and physical behavior of woods and adhesives.

    Learning Objectives:

    At the successful conclusion of this webinar, you will learn the following knowledge and skills:

    • Surface Properties of Wood for Bonding
    • Lumber and Veneer Surfaces
    • Chemical Interference to Bonding
    • Bonding of Wood Composite Products and Nonwood Materials
    • Physical Properties of Wood for Bonding
    • Density, Porosity, Moisture Content, Dimensional Changes
    • Types of Adhesive, Composition of Adhesive
    • Strength, Durability, Selection
    • Health and Safety
    • Bonding Process
    • Moisture Content Control
    • Surface Preparation
    • Spreading of Adhesive
    • Assembly and Pressing
    • Post-Cure Conditioning
    • Bonded Joints
    • Edge-Grain, End-Grain, End-to-Edge-Grain Joints
    • Construction Joints
    • Testing and Performance
    • Analytical, Chemical, and Mechanical Testing of Polymers
    • Mechanical Testing of Bonded Assemblies
    • Short- and Long-Term Performance
    • Product Quality Assurance

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