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E – 1805 Fabric Filters for Air Pollution Control

Intended Audience: Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineers and construction managers



    Fabric filters, commonly called “baghouses”, are used to remove particles from a gas stream. Fabric filters are made of a woven or felted material in the shape of a cylindrical bag or a flat supported envelope. These elements are contained in a housing which has gas inlet and outlet connections, a dust collection hopper, and a cleaning mechanism for periodic removal of the collected dust from the fabric. In operation, dust laden gas flows through the filters, which remove the particles from the gas stream.
    This course will give you technical guidance you can apply when designing, specifying and constructing air pollution control systems.

    Learning Objectives:

    At the successful conclusion of this course, you will learn the following knowledge and skills:

    • Learn about the types of filtering systems;
    • Learn how the mechanisms of fabric filtration are identical regardless of variations in equipment structure and design and how, In all cases, particulates are filtered from the gas stream as the gas passes through a deposited dust matrix, supported on a fabric media;
    • Learn about the cylindrical filter, which is the most common filter shape used in fabric filtration;
    • Learn how some baghouses employ a type of mechanical shaking mechanism for cleaning;
    • Learn how some cyclones may be operated wet in order to improve efficiency and prevent wall buildup or fouling;
    • Learn about the reverse flow cleaning method and how to prevent bag collapse;
    • Learn about the two basic types of fabric used in filtration, woven and felted; and
    • Learn about finishes that are often applied to fabrics to lengthen fabric life.

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